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The EVOKE storylineEdit

The EVOKE comic book storyline, episode by episodeEdit

The EVOKE organizationsEdit

The EVOKE comic book charactersEdit

The EVOKE locationsEdit

Finding EVOKE Content Edit

StandardTag DirectoryEdit

Use these tags to help your evidence be found by others.

Use the directory to find content you're interested in.

Argument Map DirectoryEdit

Use argument maps to summarize discussions in blog posts.

EVOKE Agents guilds and projectsEdit

In order to keep track of all that is currently happening around the Network, we'll try to keep track of Agents-projects and tools that facilitate such projects.


Guilds are groups of interest dedicated to the accomplishment of a general goal.


Awake Guild


Education Guild

EVOKE Librarians



Maker's Guild


Women's Health Forum / Affinity Group


Projects are groups of interest dedicated to the accomplishment of a specific goal.


Ashcloud - can we do something creative about the ashcloud situation, networking people and produce that are stuck?


Calling All Teachers - A matching project to pair EVOKE-involved teachers in developed and developing countries

Climate Change - A project dedicated to researching the causes and consequences of global planetary warming on human cultures and lifestyle

Collaboration Tools - A list of tools and projects aimed at facilitating collaboration and information management on EVOKE


Hydroponics starter kit - This project is focusing on developing hydroponics culture starter kits for all willing to try that mode of farming


Minimus EVOKE RPG - This project aims at getting people to play a Role-Playing Game campaign based in the world of EVOKE


Oilspill - sunnydepree EVOKEs the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Mentors Edit


Additional Information Edit


Latest activityEdit

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